In today’s challenging world, adults need all the help we can get.  Marriage, family, jobs, finances and relationships all make demands on our life, our time and our financial resources.  God is very interested in all those details, and He has a plan for us so that we can live a full and meaningful life. The Adult Ministry of CrossLife Church provides Small Group Bible studies designed to teach the Bible in the context of relationships First, we want to have a personal, life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.  Second, we want to have relationships with our peers, encouraging and supporting each other as God draws us closer together.  Third, we want to study the Bible and let His Word change our minds, our thoughts, our attitudes and our priorities.  Finally, we want to find tangible ways to make a difference in our world as a result of our relationship with God and with each other. We encourage all adults to find a Small Group Bible study and an outlet for service.  We also provide specific activities for Bible study beyond Sunday morning, as well as activities for men and women.  We offer classes designed to equip us for everyday living. We encourage you to join other adults who are becoming passionate followers of Jesus Christ in worship, Bible study and service.

For further information or with any questions, please contact us:
Julie Novak, Adult Education Ministry Assistant