Overcoming Spiritual Vertigo

The Journey from Doubt to Courageous Faith


Sometimes doubt, fear, and disappointment cause us to lose confidence in God. Overcoming Spiritual Vertigo will help readers see past disappointments through God’s eyes and gain courage from biblical examples of faith. This book provides tools for us to take faith-risks for God again—to step out in courageous faith!

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Dr. Dwayne Mercer has been a senior pastor for more than 30 years and is the author of Overcoming Spiritual Vertigo and When God Says Yes. He has contributed to several books including The Pathway to Discipleship, Living the Life, and Walk Through the Word, and has written numerous articles for magazines and periodicals. Dr. Mercer is a native of Georgia. He and his wife, Pam, have three adult children and six adorable grandchildren. They have served at CrossLife Church since 1993, as it has grown in membership from 800 to 5,000, with over 5,000 new believers baptized during that time.


What authors are saying about "Overcoming Spiritual Vertigo"

“Is what you see, hear, and experience in real life causing you to wrestle with your faith?  Do past disappointments cause your trust in God to falter? In Overcoming Spiritual Vertigo, Dwayne Mercer addresses these difficult questions and offers the answer to experiencing courageous, bold faith for your future.”
Dr. Johnny Hunt

Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church Woodstock

“Feel knocked off balance? Questioning your faith? Dwayne Mercer has written a wonderful book teeming with biblical insights just for you—all grounded in real life experiences. Dwayne will help you dissect and understand what’s going on when you feel like your faith doesn’t make sense—or maybe doesn’t even work. By the end, your heart will swell with courage to go the distance.”
Patrick Morley

Chairman and CEO, “Man in the Mirror”

“Are you dizzy from the doubts that surround you? Constantly plagued by fear that prevents you from moving forward in faith? Dwayne helps us identify this “spiritual vertigo,” understand how to operate in Bible-believing faith that takes God at His Word, and overcome the doubts and fears that hinder our spiritual maturity. If you want to be marked as a man or woman of faith, this book is an excellent resource for your journey!”
Michael Catt

Senior Pastor, Sherwood Church, Executive Producer, Sherwood Pictures - "Fireproof"