Serve at CrossLife

Hospitality & Service

Greeting people and making them feel welcome is goal of the First Impressions Team and all who serve across the CrossLife Campus! 

East Campus

There is a wide vairety of opportunities for serving at the East Campus as they reach East Orlando with the love of God!

Worship Arts

Choir, Orchestra, Praise Team and the Band are filled with those who passionately lead us to the foot of the Cross as we prepare to worship Christ!

Technical Arts

Sounds, lights, cameras and stage design are important elements of the worship service.


The CrossLife Kids Team is laying a foundation in the lives of kids as they learn to love and know Jesus!


The CrossLife Students Team serves with with middle and high schoolers reaching the next generation as they learn to trust Jesus!

JOY Ministry

One-on-one care and attention is given to children, teens and adults with special needs as they are shown the love of Jesus!

Creation Works

Use your creativity across the campus of CrossLife Church!