Important Dates:  
Sunday, February 7 – Kindergarten Bible Presentation
Sunday, February 14 – New Quarter of Curriculum
Sunday, February 21-28 – Camp Signing Week

Kindergarten Bible Presentation
Parents of Kindergartners can register their child for our Bible Presentation at A letter was already sent out in the mail, but if parents have any questions feel free to encourage them to reach out to the Church Office. Children can register to receive a Bible during the 9:30 a.m. or 11:00 a.m. service in the Worship Center Auditorium on Sunday, February 7. As the day approaches, we will send Kindergarten leaders more information.

New Quarter of Curriculum
Your binder for the next quarter of curriculum will be left in your classroom this Sunday, January 24 for your planning needs. All other printouts will be available the following Sunday, January 31. If you have any special requests, please let me know now. And, if you notice any errors or missing items in the following weeks, please alert me as soon as possible.

AWANA & Kids Choir
If any families ask about registering for AWANA on Sunday, you can tell them that we are currently putting together a waitlist as we recruit more leaders and expand our space to welcome more people in an environment that is safe and socially distanced. If families ask about Kids Choir, there is currently still room! If they would like to be added to the waitlist or join Choir, reach out to the Church Office.

First Time Guests & Member Follow Up
Please continue to take a small amount of time to contact first time guests or children on your roll who haven’t yet returned to in-person Sunday Small Groups. You can just focus on a few children each week. Amanda will begin making first time guest contact assignments in realm again like last year.


Do you have any praises and prayer requests you would like to share with us? Do you have any changes to the prayer requests that we have listed? Please let us know of your changes or requests in E.L.I.S. or fill out a Weekly Care Ministry Report.


Please continue to pray for Tim Durden and his recurrence of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. His sons Timothy and Derek have seen him through this battle before and are again fighting alongside with him.

We ask that you pray for Bill Schultz recovery and that his body continues to respond to therapy. We are glad to have him back in town and at CrossLife again!

Keep Brenda Baran’s father, Jim, in your prayers. He has had surgery for his colon cancer which has spread to the liver. The surgery went well, but they are monitoring his lymph node which are enlarged. Please pray that his cancer does not spread, that God gives him strength to fight and recover, for his heart to remain as healthy as possible and for the doctors watching over him to have wisdom throughout his treatment.

My dad had surgery today due to the colon cancer that had spread to the liver.  The surgery went well.

Please be in prayer for Stephanie Bowers’ mother in Arkansas. This week she was put on a ventilator and is sedated. Please pray for the indescribable comfort of the Lord over her and for discernment in knowing the timing of heading to Arkansas, and all the considerations of travel safety that goes with that.

Many of you knew Ken Wood who, years ago, was our head custodian. He passed away this morning (Thursday) in his sleep. Please be in prayer for his wife, Margaret, and the rest of his family.


Karen Parker! We are excited to welcome a new teacher to 5th Grade on Sunday mornings! She’ll be working beside Matt Hecker in 5th/C – LH-110d.

Jessie Nicholas! We have a new AWANA Commander. She has stepped up and helped us smoothly restart AWANA after our extended break. We are so thankful for her cheerful and adaptive attitude during this unique year.

AWANA leadership! We had many last minute registrations. To accommodate, new parents have jumped in and become leaders to shorten our waitlist and welcome even more families to Wednesday nights activities. We want to give a special thanks for Rebecca Hoover who switched from a leader position to our T&T Director. She has been doing an incredible job, and we are thankful for her organization and wisdom.




January 4 – Bonnie Phelps
January 10 – Edna Webb
January 16 – Ben Morgan
January 17 – Todd Adams
January 17 – David Jackson
January 31 – George Wang


Weekly Attendance

January 3
Small Groups: 112
Kids Worship: 93

Next Lessons

January 24: Unit 30, Session 3
January 31: Unit 30, Session 4

Wednesday Nights

Choir – 1/27/21
AWANA – 1/27/21 – Crazy Hair Night

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