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Old Testament Survey Part 2

Did you know the Old Testament contains more than 2/3 of the text of the Bible? Did you realize the Old Testament timeline covers thousands of years of history and tells us the stories of people whose lives still affect world events today? Are you familiar with the Old Testament prophets that describe in detail the characteristics of the Messiah and the events that happen when He comes, hundreds of years before they take place? Have you ever read the Old Testament books of poetry and wisdom literature that contain inspirational and instructional passages we still use today to inspire, comfort and inform our lives during life events and are ubiquitous in both classic and contemporary literary works? From the description of Creation in Genesis to the last book of the Old Testament, the book of Malachi, the Old Testament contains stories and teachings that can inform, inspire and transform your life.

Led by: Doug Osborn For Ages: 18+ Meets: Every Wednesday from 7:15pm-8:15pm
Childcare Available? Yes Category: Weekday Studies Group Type: Co-Ed
Location: F-201 - Oviedo Campus Status: Open

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